The future of renovation

Who is Nest.City?


Nest.City is a proptech start-up known for its network of highly skilled architects, designers, technicians and craftsmen capable of transforming any ideas about your space into reality. Nest.City it’s the turnkey service people were waiting for to relieve them from the stress of renovating their place, giving them a chance of actually enjoying the process of change guaranteeing a high-quality result fully personalized and accounted for.

Why Nest.City


We want to support people in putting their nest together through a meticulous and sustainable bespoke renovation process managed by a network of professionals in the sector.


Our goal is to facilitate the relationship between people and spaces by providing a competitive solution aimed at shaping their ideas into reality by making their home into an original and beautiful piece, coherent with their requirements. This by respecting the surrounding context in which they live, their lifestyle, timing and budget in order to design and bring to life the home they have always dreamed of.

How does it work


Nest.City is a smart and innovative meeting point between architects, professionals and customers for personalized, effective, beautiful turnkey projects. ​​Nest.City walks their customers through all phases of their space renovation process, sharing physical and digital experiences, for a turnkey result with a competitive cost. Here the customers participate actively through the decision making milestones linked to the renovation from creative design, through the construction site and furnishing, up to the finishing touches to get the home ready to be experienced.


Nest.City acts as the only intermediary between the customers and the various stakeholders involved and does this by providing a network of experienced architects and contractors and showrooms where the customers can pick and choose materials and furnishings for their space, which include dedicated product collections.


During the planning upstream of any renovation, we offer each customer a 360 degree view of all possible solutions which will make the final result of the renovation project. This without preventing the identification of subsequent targeted and modular potential interventions according to the available budget to complete the whole project.

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We transform spaces in homes. Discover Nest.City’s projects .