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Every home and each resident has unique needs. First of all, with Nest.City you will have the possibility to choose between three different types of intervention based on the renovation you have in mind – partial, complete or deep. We will personally walk you step by step, from quote to turnkey for your new custom made home.


Ideal to renovate only one room or just an area of your home: a cost effective solution which saves you time.


Renovate your entire home with new walls, systems, windows, flooring and coating: the solution through which you can indulge yourself in drawing from a vast choice of finishes and furnishing.


The radical intervention which - on top of the “Complete” one - also includes structural work: a 360 degree way forward to fully revolutionize your space, suiting your taste in full.

* Project, supplies, works and permits included.

Choose how to move forward: design the intervention based on your budget



  • Starting from

  • 450mq
  • A simple and cost effective renovation, which allows us to meet your needs even on a conservative budget. This is feasible thanks to Nest.City’s collection of products and furnishings, especially chosen keeping in mind the type of intervention and related costs.




  • Starting from

  • 750mq
  • A thorough renovation, specifically designed and built on your taste and needs, making the most of a vast choice of prime products and furnishing handpicked by Nest.City.



Why Nest.City


One intermediary only

Because… Nest.City acts as a sole intermediary between the costumer and all players involved in the renovation project, aiming at reducing the time and cost of carrying out a renovation project. Nest.City can do this by making the most of its: unique community of professionals and two showrooms in Turin and Milan where customers can check and feel the finishes of dedicated product collections. Nest.City is the future of the turnkey renovation service as it has all it takes to manage every aspect of a renovation project from ideas to delivery.


Because thanks to our digital configurator you are a few clicks away from bringing to life your ideas around the home renovation you’ve always dreamed of. You can tailor the project based on your personality, style, needs, spaces and budget to receive an initial draft and quote, which can be further refined and then finalized by visiting one of our showrooms.

Dedicated collections

Because we handpicked our suppliers, to ensure that all products used for your renovation project respond to high standards both in terms of quality and sustainability. Nest.City has built strong relationships with artisans in the country and with them has created specific dedicated collections to suit your tastes and needs. This allows us to offer a competitive yet vast range of products, available in a timely manner. You can check all collections in our showrooms by making an appointment after going through the digital configurator process.

A dedicated architect by your side

Because thanks to its network of professionals Nest.City is able to allocate a dedicated architect who will closely follow your renovation project from start to finish. They will, from the design phase – including the choice of materials, products and finishes – through to authorization requests, forward to the construction site supervision and contractors management, personally look after all aspects of the project.

An expanding network

Because… Nest.City is a constantly expanding network of professionals, made of highly reliable and experienced architects, contractors and suppliers spread throughout the country. Always ready to kick-off a new project, they allow us to welcome, carry on and complete each project internally in all its phases.

Competitive yet premium service

Because… Nest.City is synonymous with high quality and attentive customer service, providing a most competitive offer in the ever changing market of home renovations.

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