Community is a key element of the Nest.City growth project.

Community is a key element of the Nest.City growth project.

We live in a world that is moving faster and faster, characterized by levels of consumption and information quantities that were not even remotely conceivable in the past. The hyper-connected reality we live in today is by nature in constant change and, for this reason, innovation – once a slow and almost secular process – is now almost a daily occurrence, amidst unprecedented challenges and instability.

The community.

This hyper-complex and ever-revolving mindset has significant implications on how societies, individuals, services, and businesses change their habits and approach, trying to adapt and keep up with an increasingly rapid, somewhat unpredictable, and difficult-to-ride evolution.

CEO Mario Cipriano.

And it is not by chance, as human beings have always done in their own history, that this has fostered in recent years a widespread need for sharing, collaboration, at all levels of society: a collectivist vision, which favors group, community dynamics to successfully face the complexity of transformations that are essential for innovation and self-improvement. An aspect that Nest.City has always strongly embraced, believing in the innovative and evolutionary character of the community, and which we wanted to focus on at the end of 2022 during the Nest.City Builds the Future event, to look towards the future by identifying useful strategies and approaches to further improve and grow.

The architects of the Design Center.

The concept of community as an innovative space for the renovation industry supply chain.

The event on December 15th – held at the beautiful Archiproducts headquarters in Milan – allowed Nest.City and its community of professionals to take stock of the work done in the past year and to project themselves into 2023 with positivity and awareness of the achievements made so far and those yet to be outlined.

Co-design with affiliated architects from Turin and Milan.

The common thread between yesterday and today, as well as the very cornerstone of Nest.City’s mission, is the desire to put innovation at the center of the project, starting from the group, the sense of community, the possibility of building, designing, and imagining the future together with the architects, companies, and showrooms that have chosen to be part of our network.

Team leader, Arch. Saibene Nicola e Arch. Oglietti Stefano.

If it is true that it is in group dynamics that human beings have always found effective solutions to shape the society of the future, then we believe we have taken the right path to rewrite the turnkey renovation service, providing not only a unique innovation space to our professionals, but also a support network that allows them to rely on their colleagues to successfully carry out their work.

Alessandro Mercuri, training and team building.

An approach that stems from the awareness that often our professionals, architects first and foremost, play “different roles” and carry out “many crafts.” Indeed, the responsibilities of architects can be numerous and burdensome, ranging from finding clients and suppliers, to managing relationships with construction companies and overseeing the construction site. That is why we believe that it is necessary to network and collaborate among all the actors in the renovation industry, to create more functional, beautiful, and innovative turnkey projects.

President Francesca Di Noia and Adm. Mario Cipriano, Delegate Administrator. Ph@Maddalena_Abello

The future of Nest.City is ambitious, but it cannot ignore the willingness to work together to build it. Would you like to join the community that is revolutionizing the renovation industry?

Photographs by @Federica_Mambrini