A gift for our community… and for our customers

A gift for our community… and for our customers

Christmas in Nest.City is all about creativity and contamination

A cover, a relevant title, a theme that will accompany us in the coming months. In Nest.City, the choice of the Christmas gift has always been based on the desire to stimulate and train our community of architects to adopt an innovative look to interior renovation.

For this reason, on the occasion of the Feasts, we have reserved a small gift for each of our architects, a poster that recalls the main themes of a book that we consider useful to provide our customers with an increasingly empathetic service, modern and sartorial and to arouse a community approach, innovative architecture in our architects. This year the choice fell on a very current book, Placemaker by Elena Granata, professor at the Politecnico di Milano.

Perché questo libro è importante per la community Nest.City?

Placemaker is based on a concept as simple as it is revolutionary: architects, today, are called to propose themselves as real “inventors” of the places in which we live, whether they are private or public. A creative force not for its own sake, but rather with an important social impact and with positive repercussions on each of us and on the community of which we are part.

Starting from this assumption, Granata in his book suggests the importance of being “creators of spaces” (placemaker, in fact) even before architects, that is multidisciplinary professionals able to devise and concretize their projects starting from the comparison with the space, with others and with the client, for an architecture really accessible and able to integrate the people who live it, representing their tastes, lifestyle and need.

A gift for our architects, a guarantee for our customers

The idea behind the book of Granata we believe is fundamental for the architects of our network, that just listening and relating to each customer can go to create a home that resembles them so much as to seem “sewn” on them.

The future of the renovation, especially after these years of pandemic that have inevitably changed our relationship with spaces – private and not – can not ignore the fact that architects listen and become spokesmen, through their projects, of the unprecedented and current needs of citizens, who increasingly live the city not only as an urban center, but as a real extension of their home.

A future of shared renovation and based on an equal relationship between architect and client, a future to be written together because the usefulness and purpose of the spaces can and must be understood from “below”And the spark, the inspiration to innovate and create beautiful and functional projects, can be born anywhere.

Here, therefore, the reason why we hope that the choice of the title of Granata may be not bode well for all architects, but also can stimulate our network to assist customers in an increasingly pro-active, capillary and innovative, so that the houses – and the cities – of tomorrow are increasingly created in the image and likeness of their inhabitants.